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Christian Gaze specialises in furniture, lighting and homeware; working with a wide range of materials. To get an idea of the range of work go to Design Projects.  Christian Gaze will either develop his own concept from a client’s brief or alternatively develop a client’s concept.

Own Concepts
A design project would typically start with a Briefing Meeting. The purpose of which is to establish the scope of the project and discuss the intended market, the target prices, timescales, reporting, aesthetics and materials etc.

From the Briefing Meeting a project moves onto concept sketches and via working drawings to mock-ups and finally to prototypes and the finished product. Each project is individual and will work slightly differently. In some there are additional stages and others will skip sections.

Outside Concepts
Christian Gaze also takes concepts that other designers have conceived and develops them into a commercially viable products. The starting point maybe anything from a ‘back of an envelope’ sketch on the to full product visualisations with working drawings. The intention is always that the final product should contain as much of the original concept as is feasible.

How this might work is illustrated below with a glass lamp designed by Bill Bennette for Bella Figura Ltd.

Designer's sketch Visualisation Production
Original designer's sketch Christian Gaze's product visualisation Product in production


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